Women's History at MPTF

March is Women's History Month, and as well all celebrate the crucial role of women throughout American history, we thought we'd also take a look at the amazing ways women have been a foundation for MPTF since its creation almost a century ago. Check back as we add more throughout the month!


 Industry leader and legendary movie star Mary Pickford conceived the idea of what would become MPTF, and after its founding in 1921, she spearheaded the Payroll Pledge Program that led to the creation of the Country House.

MPTF has many heroic women working as social workers who do vital work every day. Take a look...


The Jodie Foster Aquatic Pavilion opens at The Saban Center for Health and Wellness at MPTF in 2007.

Our annual Deal With It: A Women's Conference, spearheaded by Madelyn Hammond, brings together a wide range of women in the industry to learn how to make the most of their professional and personal lives. Find out more here. 

Longtime actress Anne Faulkner is now a resident at MPTF and a vital part of MPTF 22, our in-house production facility and broadcast station for residents. 

Connie Sawyer, the longest living member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, lives at MPTF and has a rich career as an actress, comic and dancer with credits from the early '50s through Pineapple Express

A resident at MPTF, vocal legend Helen Reddy appears at our 95th celebration in 2016. 


One of the most honored Oscar recipients in history, costume designer Edith Head defined the style of classic Hollywood and generously left her estate to MPTF. On the occasion of her 100th birthday in 2013, we held a special tribute on Google Hangout...

Motion Picture Mothers, Inc. is a long-standing supporter of MPTF. Founded in 1939, it brings together the mothers of film workers across fields both in front of and behind the camera. Here are some shots from our most recent Motion Picture Mothers holiday luncheon in 2016. 


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