Circle of Friends Honor Roll

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Friends: $500 - $999

David R. Augsburger 
Dee and Michelle Baker 
Carly Barber 
Nancy Barker 
Mary Ellin Barrett 
Dave M. Bassett 
Mariellen and Peter Bergman 
Julianna M. Bessey 
Cassie Fink and Matt Biederman 
Renne and Bruce Bilson 
Rosemarie and Reginald Bisgrove 
Eugene Brice 
Lia Buman and Mathew Harawitz 
James E. Caan 
Gerri and Rocco Calabrese 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Alpha de Monté-Campbell 
Norma E. Carranza 
Denise J. Colletta 
Kathy Connell 
Jackie Counter 
Ryan Craig 
Victoria and Stan Cutler 
Richard Dearmas 
Richard M. Del Belso 
Robert A. Del Valle, Jr. 
Kathleen and Charles Delle Donne 
Karen Denne 
David and Silvia Doescher 
Vince Duvall 
Zac Efron 
David M. Elliott 
Ernesto Eric Enriquez 
Pauline Estey 
Robert J. Evans 
Lisa Fischer 
Boyd W. Flinders, II, MD 
Pauline and Anthony Fox 
Richard W. Fresquez 
Larry Frybarger 
Karen Gorodetzky and Joe Genier 
Jeff Gerber 
Starr D. Gilliard 
Betty and Jack Gleason 
Kymn Goldstein 
Carol and William Gordean 
Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey 
Shawn Griffith 
Fred W. Griggs 
William A. Guerrero 
Kym B. Hall 
Kim and Daniel Hanley 
David Hartsman 
Philip Hay and Karyn Kusama 
Duncan and Michele Henderson 
Rusty Hendrickson
Scott A. Henry
Tara Bays Hitchcock and Dallas W. Hitchcock 
Howard B. Hodges
Thomas Hrupcho
Gale Anne Hurd and Jonathan Hensleigh 
Kathy Russo and Bob Iannaccone 
Frank C. Irving 
Nina Jacobson 
David L. Johnson 
Fredda and Scott Johnson 
Jan and William Jones 
Jon P. Joyce 
Sandra W. Kang 
Rick and Jennifer Kelley 
Alverna J. Kelly 
Michael Kenney 
Ilyanne Morden Kichaven and Mike Kichaven 
Toby and Stephen Koppekin 
Kevin Koster 
Michael H. Kuehl 
Mary Catherine Lane 
Brian J. Lawlor 
Mary Louise Lawson 
Tamra and Benjamin Lesin, MD 
Peter and Audrey Levin 
Marla E. Levine 
Gail and Warren Lieberfarb 
Sophia and Dan Lin 
Chris G. Livanos 
Wendy and Johnny Lo 
Patrice and Sam Lock 
Beth and Steve Lodge 
Blaine B. Lourd 

Betty White 
Thomas Lee Lupo 
Skip and Dany Lusk 
Toni and David Mannix 
Rita and Marvin March 
Ed Markley 
Laura and Kevin Marks
Joe Medjuck and Laurie Deans 
David and Kathryn Menteer 
Sharon and Arnie Messer 
Burt Metcalfe and Jan Jorden 
Gary and Hiroko Meyer 
Jean and Ted Miller 
Megumi Sasaki Millsap and Aaron E. Millsap 
Donald Moffat 
Reverie Moon 
Marianne Muellerleile 
Heidi Jane Nakamura 
Stephen Nathan 
John and Shayna Naulin 
Barbara A. Nelson 
Gregg and Debbie Oppenheimer 
Eric E. Osmond 
Angelo A. Palazzo 
Daniel and Lynda Pearl 
Bernie Pollack 
Noah and Maureen Pollack 
Vadja Potenza 
Carole R. Potts 
Joy and Harold Rattray 
William G. Reagan 
Gretchen I. Schaffner and Alex Reid 
Shelley E. Reid 
Mark Robert Reilly 
M. Debra Reno 
Shonda L. Rhimes 
Ruth M. Roberts 
Susan Slagle Rogers 
Hilda Rolfe 
Kathleen Rosen 
Mike Royce 
Nancy Rubin and Robert Johnson 
Gregg and Sue Rudloff 
Joan and Ron Rutberg 
William Evan Ruvelson 
Sondra and Tom Rykoff 
Amelia Saldarriaga 
Tony Salome 
Karen Samfilippo 
Thelma Schoonmaker 
Susan B. Schubert 
Marianne C. Sfreddo 
Richard and Susan Shamban 
Kelly and Jim Sharp 
Sharon Siefert and Peter Tomashevski 
Greg and Amanda Silverman 
Margery Simkin 
Leslie Simon 
Susan Snaper-Shousha 
Carol and Tom Snyder 
David Solomon 
Paul C. Stambaugh 
Susan Phyllis Stambler 
Dean Stanley and Jill Stirdivant 
Sally J. Stevens 
Michael and Sandy Stevenson 
Catherine and David Strohmaier 
Wesley Studie 
Guy Tardif 
Gerald and Marguerite Taylor 
Richard R. Teasley 
Michael T. Tidik 
Deborah and David Trainer 
Ron Trost 
Sandy and Ron Underwood 
Paula and Larry Verbit 
Frank and Ro Virtue 
Laura K. Wade 
Kenneth D. Waggoner 
James Wan 
Laura and Andrew Wasser 
Jonathan Watson 
Mary L. Whiteley 
Lauren and Robert Windom 
Henry and Stacey Winkler 
Kirk Wyninegar 
Raymond S. Young 
*Thank you to four anonymous donors

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