Annual Donors

MPTF’s annual donors are following in the time honored tradition of taking care of our own. What started in 1921 when Mary Pickford set out a simple coin box in a Hollywood Boulevard storefront has grown into an organization with far reaching impact. MPTF depends on the annual support of our donors to provide vital programs and services to members of the entertainment industry.

Thank you to our annual donors for their support at any giving level.

Annual Donors Honor Roll

$499 - $250 | $249 - $100 | $99 - $25 | $24.99 and less

$499 - $250

Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800, Scenic, Title & Graphic Artists
Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800, Set Designers and Model Makers
Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800, Illustrators and Matte Artists
Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800, Art Directors
Tammy and Corey Barash
Carol and Bob Beitcher
Beverly and Curt Bourland
Barbara C. Bull
Doug Corbin
Jon Favreau
Heinz Feldhaus
Brynne and Dan Fellman
Susan and Mark Fleischer
Peter Fornstam & Mitch Horwits
AB Svensk Filmindustri
Bill Brodersen & Fotokem
Lori and Simon Furie
Glenn and Debra Gainor
Sid Ganis and Nancy Hult Ganis
Gary and Susan Martin Foundation
Yoko and Andy Given
Jeff and Wendy Goldstein & The Goldstein Family
John H. Goldwyn
Nelson Gidding Communication
Betty Abbott Griffin
Jay Grigsby
John Halperin
Thomas M. Hansen
Bob and Ronda Harvey
Lisa Henson
Dawn Hudson
IATSE International
International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600


Johnny Carson Foundation
Barry Josephson
Scott Kaiser, MD
Michael D. Karlin
Molly and Hawk Koch
Jon and Julie Landau
Matthew D. Loeb
Marilyn & Jeffrey Katzenberg Foundation
Gary O. Martin
Lawrence A. Mirisch
Michael R. Morris
Motion Picture Set Painters & Sign Writers, IATSE Local 729
Richard J. and Joanne Nelson
Otto Nemenz International, Inc.
Lisa Pierozzi
Carolyn and Bob Pisano
John B. Quinn
Maura and Hal Richardson
Beth Roberts
Sherry Grant and Jay D. Roth
Rae Sanchini and Bruce Tobey
Savitsky, Satin & Bacon
Rhody Davis and Ken Scherer
Robert Osher
Eva and Robert Shaye
Linda G. Thieben
Fred Wang
Wasserman Foundation
Jim and Lisa Watters
Gretchen A. Wayne
Ellie and Tom Wertheimer
David White
William F. White International Inc.


*Thank you to four anonymous donors

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