MPTF’s Scott Kaiser MD: Reimagining Aging

MPTF Chief Innovation Officer Scott Kaiser, MD is joining a forum of experts at the 2015 IDSA Medical Design Conference on Oct. 21-22, 2015 in Tampa, Florida, which brings together designers, business professionals, human factors specialists and academics  to discuss the practice of medical design and its impact on healthcare on a global scale. 

During a casual “fireside chat” with Stuart Karten, principal of Karten Design, Scott will be sharing his unparalleled insight into the “Silver Tsunami,” explaining trends, sharing strategies and identifying opportunities for medical device developers to help seniors age the way they want to—with style and control. 

Dr. Scott Kaiser is committed to developing innovative care delivery models that improve the health and quality of life of older adults. By actively working with industrial designers, architects, technologist and entrepreneurs, MPTF is helping to redefine the aging process and advance our healthcare culture to migrate from treating illness to enabling wellness. 

For more information about IDSA Medical Design Conference, click here.  Learn more about Scott’s view on the Silver Tsunami and the four biggest opportunities we have to reimagine aging.


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