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Each year MPTF and its donors change lives by providing the funding for critical services. Our annual event Reel Stories, Real Lives celebrates the impact of your philanthropy with top industry talent from film and television who produce, write, and perform stories illustrating how your gifts can change lives. Enjoy the highlights below and learn how these dazzling and powerful evenings raise awareness, entertain, and educate with personal journeys that speak to us all.

Discover the meaning of the MPTF community as Michael Douglas, Adam Scott, Bryce Dallas Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr. reflect on how we help and change the lives of members of the entertainment industry one story at a time. 

Watch and read the stories to see the impact MPTF has on entertainment every day.

2016 Stories
Find out how MPTF made a difference with a daughter of the entertainment industry, a family in trouble due to a writer's strike, a devoted husband from Hawaii, a surprising love story among entertainers on the Wasserman campus, and an award-winning actor and producer from one of showbiz's enduring families. 

Albina Fleishman, performed by Cuba Gooding Jr.
Alex Aguilar, performed by Bryce Dallas Howard
George Ciacci, performed by Matt Bomer
Michael Douglas, introduced by Danny DeVito
Tony & Maddi, performed by Idina Menzel

2015 Stories 
You won't forget these inspiring stories of a dance-loving entertainer facing unexpected obstacles, a very special kind of librarian who inspired an animated character, a selfless social worker who saved a life, the immense value of the Samuel Goldwyn Children's Center, and the lessons in giving back learned by a major film and television actor. 

Kevin Spacey, performed by John Stamos
Lillian Michelson, performed by Alessandro Nivola and Mira Sorvino
Joe Siracusa, performed by Toby Maguire
Tony Goldwyn
Mary Soukup, performed by Lizzy Kaplan

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