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What Is MPTF?

MPTF  was created to help every member of our Hollywood community. Including you. 


"I am proud to be a part of an industry that supports every single person. We are a family.”—Hugh Jackman, Actor 

No matter who you are, when you started in the business, or your job title—from production to marketing, from above the line to below—MPTF is the #1 place to help our community in times of need. Help cement your legacy by giving back to the Hollywood community.

“MPTF helps folks in the industry when they're in trouble, no matter their age. It is such a worthy cause!”—Yvette Nicole Brown, Actress

For nearly 100 years MPTF has helped hundreds of thousands of industry members and their families at a time of need from financial assistance and counseling and from child care to seniors. 

 “I absolutely love the spirit of compassion from every person I encounter who is part of MPTF. I am so happy to have found a place where this spirit exists.”—Ian Friedman, Vice President, Comedy Central Talent & Development

Every donation supports our entertainment family live and age well. Whether it's insurance, our in-house creative production studio for residents, home safety, or health counseling, we're a vital part of the lives of those in the film and TV community.  

Read more about We All Play Our Part here at Variety! 

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