Giving Back


One of the first instances of entertainment industry members coming  together to help a member in need occurred when Charlie Chaplain, Mary Pickford and other stars of the era pitched in to help a fellow actor purchase a much-needed wig for an audition. In that moment, MPTF—and the spirit that drives the organization to this day—was born.

MPTF still relies on the industry, and friends of the industry, to help support the entertainment industry family. We call it “Giving Back.” Whether that means visiting The Wasserman Campus to socialize with residents as a volunteer or  helping renovate the home of an industry senior, or as a donor who contributes to our many programs, MPTF’s mission lives and thrives in this community--a community with a long history of coming together to help one another.

Our Mission: To create a sense of community among entertainment industry workers and cultivate their philanthropic spirit in support of sustaining a safety net of services for the benefit of fellow industry members in times of need.


Our ability to increase member wellness and provide for senior care is directly linked to the donations we receive from our supporters. Whether members of the entertainment industry or supporters in the general public, when people donate to MPTF they understand that they are helping provide a safety net for the members of the entertainment community who need it most.

Whether you can donate $5 or $5,000, every dollar counts and enables us to provide the services we offer, such as Harry's Haven, long-term care, financial assistance, community social work, and more. 

Get Involved

MPTF’s volunteers are at the heart of Giving Back. Our volunteers come together in the community, on our campus, and in the industry to support their peers and other entertainment industry members who came before them. And any volunteer will tell you that the time and effort spent is far outweighed by the reward of giving back and the fellowship experienced in the process.

Volunteers can give back in many ways, including working as phone and in-home buddies for seniors in the community, helping at fundraising events, improving home safety for seniors who need it, and much more. To see how you can help your entertainment family by volunteering, visit here.

Our Legacy

In 1921 when MPTF was founded it was a revolutionary idea--the notion of a whole industry (not just an individual corporation) taking care of its own. At the dedication of the Country House in 1941, actor, director and then-President Jean Hersholt spoke of dreams yet to be realized. He understood that philanthropy can inspire people and institutions to be better than they think they can be. He knew that a combination of vision and resources can make amazing things happen.

The MPTF Foundation exists as a conduit to connect these dreams to our reality. Our effort realizes the vision of our donors and joins their generous philanthropy with the growing human needs of our entertainment community. Those needs, like the entertainment industry itself, are changing at an ever-rapid pace. And, so we turn to members and friends of the entertainment industry to help us deliver on the MPTF mission and take care of our own. The passion and generosity of our community are vital to provide services to industry members today, and to make the dreams of tomorrow come true.

"I was raised to believe that as a community we should be judged by how we take care of people who can't take care of themselves.

This is our community. This is our commitment: to make sure that MPTF is still standing strong for generations to come."

— George Clooney
MPTF Board Member

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Jaime Larkin - Communications Specialist

Jaime Larkin

Years with MPTF: 10

Communications Specialist, Wasserman Campus

I am known as ‘the human phone book’ because I not only know everyone by their name, but I usually know their phone extensions as well. This was my first ‘real’ job out of college — the first place where I felt I truly belonged — and after almost 10 years, I can’t imagine ever working anywhere else. I love coming here every day and have so much gratitude for the community and passion for what this organization is all about.

Miles Brohammer

Years with MPTF: 3

Maintenance, Wasserman Campus

Working at the MPTF campus in Woodland Hills has been an amazing experience. I’ve met so many people and heard so many incredible stories. It’s fantastic to see the community come together and support those who might need a bit of help. It’s a great tradition at MPTF. I’m glad to be a small part.

Marie Tang - Content Producer, Channel 22

Marie Tang

Years with MPTF: 7

Content Producer, Wasserman Campus

Back when I started volunteering here in college, I was very shy. In the last six years, my personal evolution into an outgoing and confident filmmaker has been sparked by the unique personalities here that are just so interesting. With a great respect for my elders, I learn so much from the residents and their inspirational stories. I always feel good about telling people where I work!

Jennifer Clymer

Years with MPTF: 9

Media & Production Manager, Wasserman Campus

Working at the MPTF campus in Woodland Hills has been an amazing experience. I’ve met so many people and heard so many incredible stories. It’s fantastic to see the community come together and support those who might need a bit of help. 

Arlene Glassner - Senior Marketing Executive

Arlene Glassner

Years with MPTF: 11

Senior Marketing Executive, Wasserman Campus

Do you know what it is like to have 150 parents? I do. MPTF is a family, a community, and a team. Developing deep personal relationships here on campus has been so rewarding over my many years here. It is easy for me to care about the well-being of each and every person and sometimes it’s hard to leave at the end of the day — especially with the Saban Center’s outstanding gym equipment!

Mike Kuehl - Vice President, Finance

Mike Kuehl

Years with MPTF: 15

Vice President, Finance, Wasserman Campus

One of the biggest reasons that I have been here for over 15 years is that MPTF provides services that are needed in a way that truly prioritizes quality and service for individuals within the entertainment community. Having worked in the for-profit sector, it motivates and inspires me to be involved with a collaborative team that puts the charitable mission first.

Julio Sican - Activities Bus Driver

Julio Sican

Years with MPTF: 6

Activites Bus Driver, Wasserman Campus

Over the years I have gotten to drive and know more and more of the residents who need me and count on me daily. We have so much fun together and share such deep conversations that make feel like I have so many things to do with my life. This job has opened me up to becoming the man I have always wanted to be. I really love what I do, I get along with everyone here and I can make a difference. It really feels like home.

Nacio Rodarte - Landscaping & Grounds Manager

Nacio Rodarte

Years with MPTF: 39

Landscaping & Grounds Manager, Wasserman Campus

I started as a gardner here 39 years ago and at the age of 22 became the landscaping and grounds manager. It has been a very happy ride. I am so lucky to have such an amazing job. I love everything about it. From landscaping topiaries to getting to know all of the wonderful people here. Many times throughout my career, I have been asked to go elsewhere but this is a family, this is a special place. I still look forward to coming to work every day.

Brenda Shirk - Campus Engineer

Brenda Shirk

Years with MPTF: 15

Campus Engineer, Wasserman Campus

From running generators to hanging pictures, to taking care of air conditioning, I am probably the most popular engineer here. Why? I can work and talk at the same time. The residents and I make each other laugh and have very personal relationships. Contributing to their happiness and welfare makes me a better person. I love everything I get to do on this beautiful campus.

Ken Scherer - CEO, MPTF Foundation

Ken Scherer

Years with MPTF: 17

CEO, MPTF Foundation

For seventeen years I have witnessed thousands of acts of kindness and generosity in the form of donations of all sizes - and volunteers who helped to rebuild a home, or read to a long-term care patient. I have been in awe of MPTF caregivers of all stripes and training who provide care with such great competence and compassion. I have also been privileged to represent MPTF throughout the entertainment community and beyond, and have humbly accepted the praise on behalf of my colleagues for the excellent work they do everyday. It excites me to see MPTF evolving to meet the current needs of the entertainment industry and to know we are nurturing what Roddy McDowall once called a "noble notion" that is a mission "to take care of our own."

Sonya Nunez - Donor Relations Representative

Sonya Nunez

Years with MPTF: 10

Donor Relation Representative, Wasserman Campus

So many people who have been a part of MPTF now and in the past have shaped me into who I am. This place embodies collaboration and we truly come together as a united team. A social person who likes to talk to everybody, I am consistently wowed by the people, the ambiance, the residents — everybody. It’s like a family. We do actually take care of one another. Honestly!

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