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Our mission to take care of our own is at the heart of MPTF NextGen, an organization of entertainment industry professionals dedicated to raising awareness for our message and keeping it alive in the industry. The four pillars of NextGen -- education, engagement, partnership, and ambassadorship -- ensure they can get the MPTF mission out to a new audience and engage the younger members of our motion picture and television community and help protect their future. You can learn more about NextGen and find out how to get involved by clicking here. 

"I love being a part of NextGen to help spread the word about the excellent work of MPTF and connecting present and future generations of industry members with those who have come before us." -Cate Adams, Production Executive, Warner Bros. 

"MPTF was introduced to me by a co-worker who I am very friendly with.  She invited me to a NextGen event and I was immediately drawn in by the organization’s cause.  I love the tradition of MPTF.  The tradition of care, the tradition of looking after ALL the members of our great industry.  I absolutely love the spirit of compassion from every person I encounter who is part of MPTF.  I am so happy to have found a place where this spirit exists and has existed for quite some time." -Ian Friedman, VP, Comedy Central Talent & Development

"Participating in MPTF’s mission of helping the entertainment community in their times of need is not just a good idea, it’s a great way to feel a connection to a larger community. When I’m side by side with others who work in the Industry volunteering for MPTF, or spend time with the residents at the Wasserman Campus, it makes me realize in a very real way that we’re all in this together, at all stages of life." -Vanessa HoltgreweAssistant Director, Motion Picture Department, IATSE West Coast

"I don’t know where I would be without MPTF. Their support and guidance to myself and my family during some challenging times means more than I can put into words. They have a such storied history of helping Hollywood help each other and I’m so proud to honor that legacy by being a part of the NextGen that is going to help change someone else’s!" -Michelle Homerin, 20th Century Fox Television 

"The passion and desire to carry the MPTF torch and educate the next wave of entertainment professionals is the priority and responsibility of MPTF Next Gen. I am proud and humbled by the passion and desire to carry the MPTF torch the Next Gen community expresses every day." -Julian Jacobs,  Principal, UTA Marketing, United Talent Agency

"To me, MPTF is about taking care of those in our industry that came before us and cleared the way for us to follow our dreams and affect the world. I couldn't be more proud to say thank you to them and to work with MPTF in helping them live with the grace they so greatly deserve. We take care of our own." -Charley Koontz, Actor 

"I love working with the MPTF and with Next Gen because creating a community of support for people who are pursuing their passions is something everyone on Next gen wants to accomplish. We hope we can make a big impact and are driven to connect and help all people across the industry." -Amanda Krentzman,  Senior Manager, International Originals, Netflix

"It’s such a privilege to be a part of a community that’s so focused on giving. I feel genuinely lucky to link arms with a group of people who truly understand the importance of taking care of our own." -Alana Mayo, VP Development and Production, Paramount 

"Hollywood is a community with a lot of wonderful organizations, but there’s only one organization for the whole Hollywood community. The Motion Picture and Television Fund is a valuable link to the industry’s past that secures a future for those who need it." -Sam Miller, Writer

"It started with a small group of people and has grown into a community.  And in that growth the principal of helping each other has never diminished, but amplified. Our industry can be unpredictable. Life can be unpredictable.  No matter who you are or what you’re facing, what will always be a constant is that MPTF will be there for you." -Sheritalyn Solis, Manager, Story & Creative Platforms, Paramount Pictures

"I visited the campus and immediately felt an urgency to get involved. When the NextGen group reached out, I realized that each and every person alongside me in the group had the same exact impulsion after their first visit. The campus has an undeniable energy which I am dedicated to contribute to." -Shawna Wexler, Brillstein Entertainment Partners

"It is a pleasure to support an organization with such a great legacy of looking after it's own in the entertainment industry. They truly care about those they serve, and it shows." -Rob Wiltsey, Founder and CEO, 360 Film Tours


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