The Louis B. Mayer Theater

A beloved fixture on The Wasserman Campus, the Louis B. Mayer Theater (named after the famous MGM head from Hollywood's golden era) opened on July 30, 1967. The dedication featured a host of Tinseltown luminaries including Gregory Peck, Debbie Reynolds, Greer Garson, Edward G. Robinson, and Walter Pidgeon. The theater was intended to serve as a place for MPTF residents to enjoy first-run motion pictures within walking distance of their own home, with special screenings featuring talent appearances for Q&As.

Louis B. Mayer Memorial Theatre

Over the years the theater has served as a filming location for Marcus Welby, M.D., hosted live radio shows, featured Irish and flamenco dancing shows, hosted local variety act The Ding-a-lings, and survived a burst water main in the 1980s. Performers there have also included Eva Marie Saint in a production of Love Letters and a one-woman show about Georges Sand performed by Diana Douglas, mother of Michael. 

Louis B. Mayer Memorial Theatre

 Louis B. Mayer Memorial Theatre

Pete Hammond hosts a Q&A with director Mark Rydell and philanthropist and past President of Production Administration, Sony Pictures Entertainment Gary Martin, in 2015 at the Louis B. Mayer Theatre. 

Cesar Romero and Dennis Weaver prepare for a 1971 performance by the Ding-a-Lings' wheelchair chorus.


In 2017, the Louis B. Mayer Theater underwent a major renovation to give residents a state-of-the-art viewing experience including an upgraded sound system, digital cinema projector, ADA-compliant handicap seating, and magnectic induction devices for optimal listening assistance for those who need it. Generous philanthropy has also made possible two new additions to the facility, the Susan & Gary Martin Screening Room (the newly redesgined theater interior) and the Michael V. Lewis Plaza.

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