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For over 95 years, MPTF donors have known that any amount they donate to the organization would immediately be put to work helping fellow members of our entertainment industry community. The legacy of taking care of our own remains true today as your support allows MPTF to serve more than two hundred on our campus and thousands in our community in a myriad of ways.

Click on the name of the services to learn even more about the impact your gift is making in that area.

SOCIAL SERVICES:  For Adults, Industry Members & Family

  • Assessments - Phone, Office, Home Crisis Intervention
  • Counseling - Health Issues, Stress, anxiety, depression, Job Loss, Life Crises, Relocation Need, Family Issues, Substance Abuse, Support Groups
  • Emergency Assistance – Housing, Food, Utilities
  • Support Physician Practice - Consultation re: Risk, community care needs, New challenging patient diagnoses, Possible abuse, neglect, Substance Abuse, Depression Screening
  • Center for Behavioral Health Social Services
  • Community Care Team

1,319 Seniors

  • Assessments - Phone, Office, Home Crisis Intervention
  • Supportive Counseling
  • Caregiver Support - Specialized Info & Referral, Counseling
  • Financial Assistance- Home Care Assistance, Emergency Assistance with rent, utilities, food, transportation, other
  • Community Resource Referral - Housing Alternatives, Home Care Services, Meal Delivery Services, Personal Response, Systems Support Groups, Legal Resources, Transportation Services, Relocation Services, Guardian Resources

$2,800,000 in Support

  • Temporary Assistance - Rent or Mortgage, Utilities, Transportation, Expenses, Food, Home Care, Other
  • Health Insurance Premium Support (HIPS) & Referrals
  • Community Resource Referrals
  • Counseling for stress, anxiety health & family issues
  • Life Skills - Money Management, Occupational options
  • Veteran Benefits - 625 veterans/spouses screened for current or future benefits, $87,423 in retroactive benefits received, $16,786 in ongoing monthly benefits secured

PALLIATIVE CARE:  Cared for 227 Patients and Families

  • Interdisciplinary team helps client manage social, emotional, spiritual symptoms associated with their medical condition
  • Assessments - For depression, anxiety and other issues related to diagnoses, For financial need and facilitate assistance through MPTF and other resources
  • Supportive Counseling - Coordinate with other MPTF services including Home Safety, Assist in coordination of medical care with various medical specialists in the community
  • Community Resource - Provide linkage to resources such as caregiving, placements, home health, hospice, support groups, therapists, durable medical eqpt, legal, transportation, food delivery programs
  • Caregiver Support - Provide education, support and referrals to caregivers, Provide bereavement support to family members and friends

HOME SAFETY:  Kept 319 Seniors Safe

  • Home Safe Home - 189 Skilled Assessments, Written Recommendations, Follow-up & planning
  • Home Safety Projects - Installed in 2014: 102 grab bars, 13 ramps, 23 smoke detectors, 21 safety seats, toilet/shower
  • RUSH: Are you safe at home - pre-hospital discharge assessment, referrals
  • PIC: Paid Installer Coordination
  • Durable Medical Equipment Procurement - referrals; low cost sources
  • Tenant Advocacy for Safety

VOLUNTEERS:  399 Volunteers donated 41,961 Service Hours

  • Friendly Visitors
  • Phone Buddies
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Pet Food Program
  • Computer Tutors
  • Tech Squad
  • Administrative Support
  • Palliative Care Volunteers
  • Campus Volunteers - Assist various departments, help with events
  • Saban Center for Health and Wellness - Pool Buddies, Fitness Buddies
  • Volunteers in Greater Community

COMMUNITY PROGRAMS:  Offered 143 Classes & Events

  • Senior Transportation - Linkages, referrals
  • CarFit
  • Lifelong Learning - Various locations, by phone or web-based Computer Classes, Entertainment
  • Wellness programs – Caregiver, Memory, Healthier Living, Diabetes, Fall Prevention
  • Community Engagement - Community Councils: Burbank, Greater LA, West LA, Community Conversations, Speaker/Panel events, Agency collaborations that include reduced fees, preferred enrollment

Thanks to Our Supporters

These two simple words are insufficient to express how much our MPTF supporters mean to the entertainment community we support but they do capture our sentiment. Supporters are led by our MPTF Campaign donors, Circle of Friends, and Annual Donors.

Your continued support ensures your place on these lists in the year ahead.

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