There are many options for healthcare. But healthcare that responds to the needs of people who work in the entertainment industry — that’s something different. MPTF offers primary and specialty care at sites throughout Los Angeles near studios and production facilities. Our MDs are uniquely sensitive to our needs and to the physically demanding nature of work in our industry. Our schedules work around yours because we know you’re up early and work late. We even have a mobile health program, Health Wheels, a medical center that rolls right onto many major studio lots.


The best medicine is prevention. That’s why MPTF works to help you stay fit and healthy with our Saban Center for Health and Wellness. Located in the West San Fernando Valley at our Wasserman Campus, the center has world-class amenities including a fitness gym, trainers, physical therapy, and classes. It’s also home to the Jodie Foster Aquatic Pavilion, a stunning indoor warm water pool. Countless people in the entertainment community think of the Saban Center as their go-to place for maintaining good health.

Aid & Services

A career in the entertainment business has its ups and downs. That’s why MPTF offers support from professionals who understand our needs and our industry. When life or work get challenging, people from every walk and rank turn to MPTF for needed support. Whether you’re a studio executive, a crewmember, a talent agent, or a truck driver, we’re here for you. Our team of therapists, counselors, and supportive staff will work hard to get life back on track so you and your family can thrive.


Times are changing. We are living longer and our needs as we get older are shifting, too. MPTF is responding to the needs of a new generation of entertainment industry seniors by providing a myriad of services that help as we enter a new chapter in life but want to remain independent and stay in our homes. From health services that are tailored to aging well, to support from other people in the entertainment industry, to professional counseling and services, MPTF is by your side every step of the way. Find out more


Residential retirement at MPTF’s Wasserman Campus is one of the great legacies of a career in the entertainment industry. Whether the Country House, the Stark Villa, or the Goldwyn Lodge, we offer the industry’s first choice for retirement living with a community of entertainment industry spirit like no other, anywhere. Contact an MPTF representative for more information on residential retirement at MPTF.

Taking Care of Our Own: MPTF Volunteers

When creative, passionate people come together to do good for one another, the result is magical. The spirit of giving back is what defines the MPTF community. Through MPTF, like-minded people from all areas of the entertainment industry become part of a robust community of volunteers to help to make a difference. Whether individually or as participants in volunteer groups, MPTF works to connect people who want to step forward and take an active role in lending a helping hand to fellow industry members. In turn, they partake in an amazing camaraderie that drives their commitment. MPTF volunteers embrace the legacy of our entertainment community. Through their work, they carry it forth, share it, and compel others to join in.