Joe Spano, Reggie Lake, Diana Byrne and Sulemaz Rahimpour 

The Saban Center Community

Some may call them Saban Center "regulars." Others may call them "gym rats." We call them family.

Consistency is key for actor, Joe Spano, who has been combining cardio and strength training at the Saban center for many years. Always smiling, he is one of our greatest cheerleaders because he knows that the hard work he puts in here truly pays off.

Reggie Lake, retired Local 728, has such a positive and upbeat attitude that he encourages the entire gym to happily rev up their workouts. He contributes to the supportive environment, as he does his own workout several times a week.

Aquatic & Wellness Supervisor, Diana Byrne is a fitness champion. As a personal trainer who also teaches water and land classes at MPTF, it is no surprise that she runs marathons—and believe it or not, she even recently coached 60-year-old Rose who just completed her first marathon!

Sulemaz Rahimpour's significant other is a key grip. Don't be deceived by Sulemaz's light and bubbly nature; when it comes to facing those machines, she is a hard and determined worker – epitomizing strength.

At the Saban Center, wide ranges of industry professions and age groups are represented each and every day; sweating their way to fitness and health and forming a unique community of entertainment industry colleagues.