Juan Olivia, Janie Grauman, and Jessica Caughey
MPTF Social Support Specialists

MPTF Social Workers Change Lives

More than 90 years ago MPTF was founded as a relief organization with the sole purpose of providing a safety net for entertainment industry members who fell on hard times. The fledgling organization met the desperate needs of scores of struggling individuals with a frontline force of social workers; compassionate professionals dedicated to healing lives and restoring hope. Today, MPTF social workers are no different. The three featured social workers represent a caring MPTF team who dedicate themselves day in and day out to the well-being of those in need.

Juan Oliva has worked at MPTF for almost 27 years. He started as a nurse's aid in Long Term Care and transferred to the Resident Activities Department. So deeply involved in the thriving elderly community, he became passionate about social services and completed his studies while working here. Six years ago, Juan became a social worker at the Bob Hope Health Center. "I am grateful to have worked at MPTF; it is like a family and I have developed and grown up personally and professionally."

Janie Grauman was the first Elder Connection social worker at MPTF and now there are five others in her department, which speaks to the success of the program. She says, "As a social worker, this is a dream job; there is tremendous freedom and flexibility here along with accountability so that we can really determine what would help in any given situation and more often than not we say 'Yes, we can help!'"

Jessica Caughey, who calls herself a "change agent," works in the Age Well program at the Saban Center and is inspired by the fact that in most cases she and the other social workers in her department are really able to help people fulfill their desire to live at home safely and independently. She adds, "This is a unique place; there is an incredible amount of flexibility in that we can really help a person and his or her whole family holistically."