Bob Frye, Frank Fassnacht, Bill Martinez and his dog Cody, Lin Dorfman, Lee and Marvin Zenziper, Tony Lawrence and Ruthie Tompson

Residents of The Wasserman Campus

With some of the most talented retirees from all walks of the industry, MPTF's resident community is thriving with creativity; so calling MPTF home means living amongst legacy. Our volunteers often talk of wanting to come back again and again to hear the rich tales of our residents.

Ruthie Tompson is a Hollywood Legend; not only was she an animator at Disney, but she worked closely with Walt himself! Loving, smiling and energetic, at 102 years old, Ruthie is chock full of classic stories from the Golden Age of Cinema.

Lee and Marvin Zenziper are both very engaged in the happenings at MPTF. Marvin, a former film technician is the official clock winder for Mary Pickford's mother's clock which keeps time on campus. Marvin has quite a history at MPTF; his father and grandfather once lived here too!

Bill Martinez and his dog Cody can be seen all over campus. Bill's cottage is unique and well-designed featuring a carousel horse along with his prized belongings. A former stage manager for live TV, Bill is, deeply involved with Channel 22 productions and is a vibrant member of the MPTF community.

Bob Frye likes to play poker and he's really quite good at it. He says, "you've gotta sit and wait for a good hand, and then you put up a fight..." A former director who did a lot of work for CBS, Bob keeps himself busy with poker and other games here on campus, and he also takes advantage of the wide offerings of classes and activities such as creating pottery. To quote him: "If you are bored here, it is your own fault!"

Tony Lawrence began his Hollywood career as an actor and transitioned to writing, becoming one of the most respected TV and film writers of his time. When Tony's wife, and writing partner, passed away, he says that "life kind of went on hold for a bit." However, it wasn't long before Tony channeled his grief into writing his first musical in collaboration with another campus resident.

Frank Fassnacht can be found on MPTF's putting green or at the shuffleboard table, rallying other residents to get active and have fun. With his wife in Harry's Haven, 12 children, 24 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren, Frank is a true family man and MPTF is a very big part of his family.

Fine artist Lin Dorfman had her first taste of on-screen stardom in a filmed version of a poem that she wrote here at MPTF; now she can't get enough and has recorded several of her poems. Before she became one of the most well respected administrators and secretaries in the industry, Lin had a stint as a cigarette girl: she didn't smoke so her kids had to show her how to prepare a pack so she could get a proper tip!