Luz Stella del Portillo, M.D., Eugene Palliccia, M.D., Tommy Zaharakis, M.D. and Sonya Brown, M.D.

MPTF Doctors

Our doctors are champions of healthcare delivery. With a deep understanding of industry patients and the various types of work they do, MPTF doctors bring an additional dimension to their practice - they're real people. Friendly, compassionate and professional, they get to know you and your unique health needs.

Luz Stella del Portillo, M.D., is passionate about MPTF. In addition to working at the Skirball Health Center, she gives back to MPTF by bringing her daughter's Brownie Troop to The Wasserman Campus each and every year at which point the individual girls are paired up with residents. According to Dr. del Portillo, the girls ask to meet with the same residents year after year because they develop such deep connections and relish their stories.

No matter where you live in the greater Los Angeles area, there are MPTF doctors nearby, willing and ready to help you. Tommy Zaharakis, M.D., at Bob Hope Health Center, and Eugene Palliccia, M.D., at the Santa Clarita Health Center both praise the community feeling at the Health Centers.

Our doctors love their practices. In addition, they have very interesting hobbies, interests and personal lives. Santa Clarita Medical Center Director, Sonya Brown, M.D., was deployed in Iraq for four months in 2009, has completed two triathlons, and recently spearheaded Team MPTF in the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women! These four physicians represent a dynamic and dedicated medical group at MPTF.