Jaime Larkin

Communications Specialist

"I am known as ‘the human phone book’ because I not only know everyone by their name, but I usually know their phone extensions as well. This was my first ‘real’ job out of college — the first place where I felt I truly belonged — and after almost 10 years, I can’t imagine ever working anywhere else. I love coming here every day and have so much gratitude for the community and passion for what this organization is all about."

— Jaime Larkin

Miles Brohammer

Maintenance, Wasserman Campus

"Working at the MPTF campus in Woodland Hills has been an amazing experience. I've met so many people and heard so many incredible stories. It's fantastic to see the community come together and support those who might need a bit of help. It's a great tradition at MPTF. I'm glad to be a small part."

— Miles Brohammer

Marie Tang

Content Producer, Channel 22

"Back when I started volunteering here in college, I was very shy. In the last six years, my personal evolution into an outgoing and confident filmmaker has been sparked by the unique personalities here that are just so interesting. With a great respect for my elders, I learn so much from the residents and their inspirational stories. I always feel good about telling people where I work!"

— Marie Tang

Jennifer Clymer

Media & Production Manager, Channel 22

"I am very proud to be affiliated with this organization. When I made it into the ‘studio system’ volunteering at MPTF nourished me so much that I was drawn to come back full-time and give the residents something to look forward to tomorrow. What has been truly remarkable has been how much they have given back to me."

— Jennifer Clymer

Natalie Tran


"I'm MPTF because I meet the most interesting industry veterans. They have wonderful stories to share. It's like a history lesson on the entertainment industry. It creates a personal connection to the people that benefit from MPTF's services."

— Natalie Tran

Carrie Specht


"I'm MPTF because it's a life-saver. I know, first-hand, what a little help from MPTF can do. When I was a DGA trainee, I took advantage of emergency financial assistance through MPTF. Now, I show my appreciation by volunteering."

— Carrie Specht

Mark Lanza

Local 700

"I'm MPTF because entertainment is not just a job for me, it's a career. I started coming to MPTF to visit my primary doctor. The warm family feeling that I felt motivated me to be more involved. MPTF needs all of our help to continue. Should you ever need it, you will be lucky it exists."

— Mark Lanza

Brenda English


"I'm MPTF because there's no place like MPTF. One day we will all need someone to take care of us. It makes me happy when I feel that I can stand for something and make a difference."

— Brenda English

Arlene Glassner

Senior Marketing Executive

"Do you know what it is like to have 150 parents? I do. MPTF is a family, a community, and a team. Developing deep personal relationships here on campus has been so rewarding over my many years here. It is easy for me to care about the well-being of each and every person and sometimes it’s hard to leave at the end of the day — especially with the Saban Center’s outstanding gym equipment!"

— Arlene Glassner

Ken Scherer

CEO, MPTF Foundation

"For seventeen years I have witnessed thousands of acts of kindness and generosity in the form of donations of all sizes - and volunteers who helped to rebuild a home, or read to a long-term care patient. I have been in awe of MPTF caregivers of all stripes and training who provide care with such great competence and compassion. I have also been privileged to represent MPTF throughout the entertainment community and beyond, and have humbly accepted the praise on behalf of my colleagues for the excellent work they do everyday. It excites me to see MPTF evolving to meet the current needs of the entertainment industry and to know we are nurturing what Roddy McDowall once called a 'noble notion' that is a mission 'to take care of our own.'"

— Ken Scherer

Mike Kuehl

Vice President, Finance

"One of the biggest reasons that I have been here for over 15 years is that MPTF provides services that are needed in a way that truly prioritizes quality and service for individuals within the entertainment community. Having worked in the for-profit sector, it motivates and inspires me to be involved with a collaborative team that puts the charitable mission first."

— Mike Kuehl

Julio Sican

Activities Bus Driver

"Over the years I have gotten to drive and know more and more of the residents who need me and count on me daily. We have so much fun together and share such deep conversations that make me feel like I have so many things to do with my life. This job has opened me up to becoming the man I have always wanted to be. I really love what I do, I get along with everyone here and I can make a difference. It really feels like home."

— Julio Sican

Emily Carlson


"I'm MPTF because it's rewarding to help others and see the joy we bring to their lives. At MPTF, all of us have a common love for creating something for others."

— Emily Carlson

Sandra Kang


"I'm MPTF because we take care of our elders. We create a strong community bond that honors the lives and legacies of people in the industry. It reminds us to care for each other."

— Sandra Kang

Chris Fuentes

Local 399

"I'm MPTF because I marveled from an early age at films and television and dreamed of, one day, being part of the Hollywood dream machine. We have the power to change lives and, in doing so, we elevate our own lives by 'paying it forward'."

— Chris Fuentes

Caileigh Scott


"I'm MPTF because I love the people in this industry. With so many ups and downs, where there is little long-term stability, it's so important to give back to those who paved the way before us. Our community only thrives when all of its members are safe and secure."

— Caileigh Scott