Night Before Oscars Charity Event

Gideon [last name] Chris Fuentes

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Hollywood Halloween was on Saturday, October 13, 2012

More than 300 dazzling superheroes, monsters and wacky characters came to Willow Studios for the Hollywood Halloween event benefitting MPTF. The evening's "haunted hosts," MPTF advocates Chris Fuentes and Paul Botha, truly pulled out all the stops with generous donations from sponsors. This event would not have been possible without the awe-inspiring support from the likes of Cinema Air, It's a Wrap Motion Picture Services, JA Byerly Sound & Lighting and Willow Studios-just to name a few. The grassroots evolution of this first-ever MPTF advocate-created event goes to show the true power of our passionate community.

For information about MPTF grass roots events, please call our Grass Roots department at 818-876-1915.
Venue Provided by
Willow Studios
JA Byerly Sound & Lighting
It's A Wrap


Pamla Saunderson, Lorraine Saunderson and Derek Krull

Paul Botha, Bob Beitcher and Chris Fuentes


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