Night Before Oscars Charity Event

Dany Lusk and Mark & Janice Musella

Advocate Reception was on Saturday, November 3, 2012

MPTF celebrated a year's worth of dedication by our advocates and volunteers with a night of noshing on 'New York Street' at CBS Radford. With a wide range of industry professions and age groups represented, it was clear how MPTF brings so many like-minded people together as a supportive family. The event honored the extraordinary ways that our community has stepped up and offered their time, efforts and resources for the benefit of fellow industry. MPTF also encouraged those just getting to know us to get involved. Hundreds gathered this night, felt the momentum of their passion, and learned how "I'm MPTF" defines our community.

For information about MPTF grass roots events, please call our Grass Roots department at 818-876-1915.
CBS Studio Center
Venue Provided by
CBS Radford

Kennedy Fontenot and Kaitlin Hodgdon

Brenda Strong, Zak Henri, Leah and Bruce Kalish

Dean Butler, Nancy Biederman, Katherine Butler and Andrew Suser

Linda Martinez, Brenda English, Cynthia Nettles and Monica Mosley

Adria & Ben Cowitt

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